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At Costa Rican Specialties we will work with you to develop a unique experience that fits your needs, interests and budget. With over 30 years of experience in Costa Rican tourism, we don’t have to guess what hotels are nice and what tours are worth the money.

Whether you are traveling alone, with a small group or represent an organization like a University, Club or Business, you tell us what you are looking for and we will mix together the perfect natural and cultural ingredients for a masterful vacation.

Take the first step towards a trip to paradise by contacting us and we’ll show you why our clients refer to Costa Rica as a “Nirvana for naturalists, a Paradise for plant lovers.”

At Costa Rican Specialties we specialize in professional customized trips for groups and individuals. We will give you suggestions on flights, hotels, tours, transportation (car rental or private guides) and any other service that you might require while traveling in Costa Rica.

Our company, staffed only with experienced bilingual Costa Ricans has been organizing trips since 1988. Our main focus is to provide you with a very personal service. That’s why Costa Rican Specialties maintains an office in Costa Rica. Whether you have a question, want to add another exotic optional trip to your basic package, or just need to hear a friendly voice, Viajes Colibri S.A. in San Jose is your on-site contact and always ready to assist you

Our Philosophy

With environmentally sensitive services always in mind, we suggest alternative attractions rather than recommending to our clients those places that are overexploited and over-visited. Tropical paradises are found in many of the national parks, which are rich in exotic wildlife living undisturbed in their natural environment.

We also encourage our individual and group customers to interact with our people and the culture. Homestays have been arranged and parties with locals have taken place for most of our larger groups. We strongly believe that a visit to our beautiful Costa Rica without the touch of our friendly people is not a complete trip. Wonderful friendships have emerged from this encounters and both cultures have benefited immensely.

On the tours that we arrange, Costa Rican Specialties uses only professional naturalist guides. The field experience of the guides is essential to interpreting natural phenomena and to finding wildlife in the forest. The guides’ desire to share the importance of the conservation of our natural heritage will certainly instill in you an enthusiasm for the rain forest that you will never lose.

Ecotourism has shown that we can make the rain forest economically productive and so save it from destruction. So, we encourage you to visit this unique land full of natural and cultural surprises ready to be discovered…

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